Please contact me if you are unable to access published texts; I am happy to share personal copies.

Refereed Articles and Book Chapters
Despard, E. and Gallagher, M. (2018). Media ecologies of plant invasion. Environmental Humanities 10 (2): 370-96.
Despard, E. (2018). Photogenic Urban Landscapes: Towards an Intermedial Framework for Landscape Criticism in the Age of Social Media. Architecture_MPS 14(1): 4, pp. 1–21.
Despard, E. (2016). A materialist media ecological approach to studying urban media in/of place. In A. Kaun and S. Kubitschko (Eds.) Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research. Palgrave Macmillan.
Despard, E. (2016). Diagram of a love for plants gone bad. Environment and Planning D: Space and Society 34(2): 337-54.
Despard, E. (2015). Photographic social media, designed landscapes and urban, place-based visibilities: in search of friction. Journal of Aesthetics and Culture 7.
Despard, E. (2012). Natural surveillance: Cultivating feelings of safety in the urban landscape. Space & Culture 15(2): 151-63.
Despard, E. (2011). Writing with the Jardins des Floralies in Montreal: Towards an expanded garden history. Landscape Research 36(6): 669-82.
Despard, E. (2008). Creative weeding and other everyday experiments in the garden. Brock Review 10 (1): 86-96.
Despard, E. (2003). Athletic injury as social suffering: Shaping and situating experience. In N. Stephenson, H.L. Radtke, R.J. Jorna & H.J. Stam (Eds.), Theoretical Psychology: Critical Contributions pp. 201-8. Selected proceedings of the ninth biennial conference of the International Society of Theoretical Psychologists. Toronto: Captus Press.

Edited Collections
Despard, E. and Gagnon, M.K., Eds. (2010). Gardens. Special issue, Public 41.

Despard, E. (2013). The dream of la ville fleurie: A non-linear history and pragmatic criticism of public gardens in Montreal. PhD thesis.
Despard, E. (2002). Career-ending injury in sport: Individual achievement and social suffering. Masters thesis.

Book Reviews
Despard, E. (2010). Book Review: HYBRIDS: Reshaping the contemporary garden at Métis. Canadian Journal of Communication 35 (1): 186-8.

Selected Creative Works and Writing for a General Audience
Despard, E. (2019). The year of seeing green. The Hopper.
Despard, E. (2017). Tiny houses, enormous statement. Rabble [online]
Despard, E. (2016). Selected indicator species for variations in Glasgow soil. In Alex Wilde and Daniele Sambo, Eds. Soil City (Glasgow UK: The Open Jar Collective).
Despard, E. (2010). A garden for the future: Excerpts from a field guide in process. Public 41: 142-146.
Kellhammer, O. and Despard, E. (June 2010). other gardens. An exhibition with the Mobile Media Gallery.
Despard, E. (May 25, 2010). Investigating the role of media and processes of mediation in the Blake Garden. [online] Blog of the University of California Berkeley’s Blake Garden.
Despard, Erin (2008). Imagining the future. Le Panoptique. [online]
Despard, E; Emmett, M. and Jamin, Y. (2007). The social dimensions of do-it-yourself environmental solutions. Le Panoptique. [online]
Despard, E. (2006). Role models? Think again. The Globe and Mail, February 18, 2006, F9.
Despard, E. (2005). Performers rebound creatively from injury.The Georgia Straight.
Despard, E. (2005). The Pleasures of Back Pain. The Tyee. [online]

Unpublished reports
Despard, E. and Reynolds, C. (2016). Use of Instagram API data in critical/qualitative studies of place: Summary of preliminary findings

Book manuscripts in preparation
Despard, E. (in preparation). Montréal, la ville fleurie: An archaeology of urban landscape and horticultural media. Under contract with McGill-Queens University Press

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